It actually happened!

So Tuesday 28th March 2017 was a very eventful day for me. Not only were there 3 birthdays, but something so important happened for me and I’m so grateful and thankful. I went to my best friend’s house and we were going to discuss our upcoming holiday plans and go to Nandos… when at 18:24 I received an email from UCAS (university and colleges admissions service)

It said I should check UCAS- AND I GOT AN OFFER FOR MEDICINE!!

I’m so happy, and I just want to thank God and then my family and friends. They’ve so supportive of my dreams and of what I want to do. I’ve always been encouraged I’ve never been told no. My support system is amazing.

I guess all the hard work paid off. I’m gonna be a doctor!

Sidenote, my sister has a Youtube channel and we made a Mother’s Day video and I’m in it! Check it out here:

Me in le videoooo




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