What’s in my sketchbook?

I am by no means the best artist in the world but I keep a sketchbook because it’s one of my various methods/ways of de-stressing. I found it very helpful last year during my A-levels to take time out and draw.

I took GCSE Art in year 11, and ended up with a C. My only C by the way and because it was my lowest grade I ended up hating drawing so I didn’t draw for a whole year. I don’t regret it because now I fully understand the difference between being forced to do something and doing something that I love.

So here’s what’s in my sketchbook/notebook:

Muji A5 Notebook, 80 pages
Muji A5 Notebook. 80 pages

I try to draw different things, here are a few:




(As you can see I like to stick a lot of images I drew elsewhere into my notebook)





20170307_165453Not only do I use my sketchbook to draw, I use it to work on my hand lettering.



Thank you for viewing my post! If you’re thinking of starting a sketchbook, or you have started one and you have no inspiration just remember what you do in your sketchbook is up to you and you can do whatever you want.




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