Something I’m currently worried about

The reason why I’m starting with this post, the reason why it’s so easy is because I am literally worried about soooo many things right now. My brain is constantly working and I’m trying to figure out what to do. And whilst I’d like to sit here and write out all of my issues and worries, this post only requires me to speak about one thing. So here it is, something I’m currently  worried about is…

My application for university!

I mean, I’ve already applied and completed all the necessary aptitude tests. I’ve had rejections and one interview from Bristol and another upcoming one from Southampton. My Southampton interview is very soon (as in less than 48 hours soon!!) and I feel so unprepared. I really want for it to go well, and there’s a blog I’ve been reading by a current Southampton student which I’ve found very helpful, but it’s not enough.

I’m going to follow the advice from the blog and I’m going to be as confident as possible.

Also because I’m not a student and I’m on a gap year, I haven’t really been able to have mock interviews which may have or may have not been helpful. Either way, it would’ve been nice if I had an option.

I really like Southampton and their medical school and if I didn’t get in, I think I’d be a little bit devastated. So fingers crossed for my interview. I hope I’ve done enough prep.

(If you’ve actually gotten this far, I do apologise for the lack of inspiration you are receiving. This is literally me just ranting. And it’s almost 2 in the morning whilst I’m writing this so I’m slightly delirious.)



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